How to optimize your website to improve rankings


The objective of this article is to show you why it is important to optimize your website or blog to gain better rankings in search engines. It will also offer you the tools  needed to do so. It will only take a few minutes to implement these recommendations and you will be surprised at the end with the result!

1. Why optimize your site

One of the main factors to check is the loading speed !!! It is obvious that user will prefer to stay on a site that does not 10 seconds to load each page. You should also be aware that an optimized website will allow you to be better referenced in the search engines.

As you guessed, web optimization will improve the user experience of your website visitors (Bounce Rate), but it could also improve your search engine rankings and thus traffic to your website.

2. How to optimize your site

There are several possible approaches and I will try below to regroup these recommendations in two main points (weight of your page and number of queries). You should know that the weight of your page and the number of queries are two important factors to improve the speed of your site.

How to reduce the size of your page

The easiest way is to take each “ingredient” used to build a site and see what we can do:

Images are rarely 100% optimized for the web and they play a major role in deciding how fast your pages will load,there are a couple of good ,free tools you can use for your images . But there are many other tools to better compress your images.

Personally, I suggest you use an online solution developed by Yahoo and allows you to optimize your images without losing their quality.

For JPEG images, there is another online service JPEGmini that reduces up to 5 times the original file size while preserving the resolution and quality of the original image.

Personally, I find that the optimization of a website is an essential step in the realization of a web project. A customer does not care much optimizing their site, but as a professional it should be mandatory and it is a little something that could seo_smallmake the difference.

I hope I have tried to explain what is seo and how it works, or  I hope to have given you want you were looking for and satisfied your curiosity …so please enjoy and do not forget to watch and read other external links, because in this article I have just given you some ideas and now, I invite you to do a little more research and make your own experience.

Ranking Your Website In Google

When it comes to getting more sales or attention in an online business, there is little more important than ranking your website on Google and ensuring that you maintain a place on the first page. Most people won’t look at pages that fall beyond the first five to seven results, this means your page may be punished for simply not being ranked high enough. The obvious solution to this problem is making your website rank higher, but that isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Otherwise you would already be in first place on the listings. This is why you need to optimize your website for search engines and make sure there is content that will appeal to consumers who are searching as well.

The first step is usually to call an SEO professional; these are people who know what your website needs and when it needs it to become truly a number one website on any search engine. While you may be able to do most things by yourself, calling one of these professionals will get you faster results and help you get your ranking faster. Some firms will do everything for you while others will simply teach you what you need to do after they look at your page and determine what you have been doing wrong. Either way they will help you get onto the right track.

Ranking your website high in Google

Ranking your website high in Google

Most of the time they will instruct you on how to make your website more searchable, how to make sure you have the correct keywords for your niche and have to generate the content you need to stay relevant in the search rankings. This all sounds rather simple, but each website will need different tweaks to make it function at optimal levels. Most of the time, expanding out into other niches and generating quality content is the most challenging thing people will come across when optimizing their sites.

Overall, finding someone to help you with ranking your website in Google and other search engines are one of the best ways to increase your sales and get your name out there. Taking the time to perform these optimizations is an investment that will usually pay off within weeks if not days, something that you can truly see the benefit of doing. Finally, knowing how to keep yourself relevant can help save you money and effort over time and help your business become one of the best-known names in your niche.

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Quality and Easy To Follow SEO Tips

In your search for knowledge regarding Internet marketing, you may come across the acronym SEO quite a few times. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is something that people who own Internet businesses and websites use for their marketing efforts in order to get their web pages as highly ranked as they can on Google and other search engine providers on the internet. Because there are many ways to use SEO to optimize your website or online marketing venture, you may feel a bit overwhelmed and undecided about which ones will work the best for you. How should you figure the most effective SEO practices?

seo tips for 2015

The next few tips are the best way to enhance your SEO strategies and make them work for you.


You have to take some time to see results from SEO. It takes Google a long time to crawl the entire internet. There are entirely too many websites to cover in one day. As a result, you have to be patient and wait for your ranking to arrive, no matter how hard you worked on your content and keywords. Crawlers will eventually get to your site so you should just wait for your turn. The common belief that you can get on ‘the first page in just 24 hours’ is totally false so do not fall prey to anyone who promises you this. Exercise caution. Before throwing away your page’s content and starting over, wait several months to see the results.

Quality of Content

Duplicate content is a big red flag in the world of SEO. It may seem like a good idea to write one great article, stuff it with keywords and links, then send it out to all the article directories you can find and put it up on your site, too. This will do a lot more harm for you than good. This is called creating duplicate content, and it creates legal issues between the article directories, your site, and the search engines. Some of the consequences you can face are your website being de-indexed, reduced traffic from search engines or even being completely banned from appearing in search engine results. It’s always a good idea, therefore, to stick with fresh, original content.


Do some research on how you can tag your content properly. There’s a lot more to SEO than your content’s keywords in the body of the post. Learning how to insert tags in your page descriptions and titles is also important. Associating specific keyword phrases to the content on your site helps search engines to match what you have to offer with what people are searching for. When you make sure to add keyword specific tags to your titles, it will be easier for the search engine spiders to find the keyword, increasing your traffic.

Search engine optimization Local SEO) comes with so many rules and nuances that you might be daunted by the large task of sorting it all out to just get a few articles posted. Not only that, these rules and regulations are always changing! Fortunately, you will understand what you need to do to ensure that your websites and information are both user and search engine friendly over time. In a matter of time, you might one day look and see that you are on the first-page result with Google.

Here are a few more good points from the video at the beginning of this article:

natural anchor text distribution seo 2015On Page SEO 2015

Local SEO Essentials for Small Business Owners

These days, people rely on their mobile devices for everything. Whether they’re trying to figure out which store is open or what restaurant they should eat at, they’ll look to their phones and tablets to find the answer. Any small business needs to make sure that their site ranks highly in search engines.

The following local SEO tips are something that every small business owner should take advantage of. High search rankings can have a dramatic impact on the success of a business.

Emphasize the Local

The key to local SEO is ensuring that search engines can determine where your business is located. Keywords involving your location should be included in every page, and other information regarding your location should be on your site as well.

Your site should include your name, local address, and a local phone number. A map of your location is also a smart idea. Also, your website copy should emphasize your location.

Focus on Directories

Many search engines use local business directories when determining how they should rank a website. Taking the time to fill fully out these directories will help make sure that your site always comes out first.

Dallas SEO Local Search in Google

Don’t Neglect Social Media

Social media is easy to use, and it’s also one of the most powerful tools any business owner has at their disposal. You can use it to engage with customers, promote products, and increase awareness of specials and sales. The better your social media strategy is, the more likely it is that people will find your site in a search.

Share Links

While backlinks aren’t as crucial as they once were, it’s important that you link to your website in as many places as possible. Once you’ve built a social media presence, you should consistently use it to link to your website. You should also link to your site in your email newsletter.

Seek Out Reviews

There are some sites that allow people to review area businesses. The more reviews you have, the more likely it is that your business will show up when people search for it.

Make sure that your customers know where they can review your business. Encourage people to leave reviews and share feedback of their experiences. When people do leave a review, respond and thank them for their feedback, whether their review is positive or negative. Customers always like to feel like their voice is being heard.

Seek Out Media Coverage

If your business is being covered on some sites, it’s far more likely to rank highly in a search. Contact local outlets and see if they’d like to do a piece on your business. Many of these sites are more than happy to interview and promote local business owners.

Anyone with a small business needs to make local SEO a priority. If you follow these basic SEO tips, you’ll see a strong increase in traffic to your website and in foot traffic to your store.

SEO Tips – What You Should Know Before Starting SEO

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimizer or Search Engine Optimization. There are many ways one could apply SEO while other online businesses prefer to hire an SEO agency. Well, Hiring professionals for this service is a very big decision that could improve your website and time as well. However, having an inexperienced person to work on your website, you run the risk of not only damaging your website but also damaging its reputation. For this reason, it is very important to research on potential advantages of using SEO and the damages irresponsible SEO can do to your website.

If you’re hiring an SEO agency or an SEO consultant, they will give you client useful services for your online business.  Those services may that include:

Ø A good review of a website’s content and structure

Ø Technical advice regarding website development as well as content development

Ø SEO Training Services

Ø Keyword Research Techniques

Ø Expertise In a Specific Market or areas and much more

As you are using SEO, it is advisable to note that Google result page includes Organic search results, and they mostly paid Ads. It is important to know that these ads have no effect on your websites online presence in research.

However, the question is; what should you know before you get started? Well, as it is with everything, there are few things you should know about SEO before you get started or have an organization do it for you. In other words, before becoming a consumer, it is advisable to know how SEO works.

Matt Cutts Google Panda Penguin

1. Webmaster Guidelines

The first thing you should know about SEO is the policies that govern it. Take the time to read through and understand what is required of you including any penalties that may apply due to bad SEO techniques. Many Search engines like Yahoo!, Google and even Bing are strict on their SEO Policies. For Example, a majority of Google’s Income is generated through Ads. Because of this, they place their visitor’s needs ahead of everything. Using illegal SEO techniques will get your website blocked by Google.

At this point, you should have a general idea of major SEO Techniques and know ways to differentiate White Hat SEO techniques From Black Hat SEO techniques.

2. How Search Engines Crawls, Indexes, And Serves The Web

By having, a general idea of the above will get you far in today’s competitive world. Remember, your aim is to have your online business booming with paying customers. Without having an idea of the above, it is like having a brand new TV that you do not know how it works, and you have to employ other people to control it.

3. The Earlier The Better

If you are planning to use SEO, the earlier you start with it, the better. It does not matter if you want to hire an agency to do it for you or simply want to do it by yourself. It is advisable to start early when considering redesigning your website or designing it from scratch. This way, you can design a website that is not only search engine friendly but also user-friendly.

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